Dad Stages a Fake Job Interview With His Daughter, and Her Reaction is Priceless


If you are going to lie about something, don’t let your kids be near. You will be setting a bad example, and they might call you out on it, as a viral video posted by TikTok user Andrew Terry shows. 

In the clip, Terry decided to play a harmless prank on his six-year-old daughter, Abby, by having her sit alongside him during a fake job interview. He starts sharing some background about himself, saying things that Abby obviously knows are not true.

“I dress like this every day,” Andrew says while wearing a suit. “I get up at 4 a.m. Every morning, I go for a run — and I run for about 12 miles.” 

At this point, Abby is confused but trying to go along with her dad’s story. However, once Terry starts talking about how he cleans the house after his morning runs, the little girl can’t take it anymore.

“CUT!” Abby yells at one point.”That’s not true, that’s not true.”

Despite her dad’s best efforts to have her go along with the story, Abby doesn’t manage to get through the entire “interview.” She protests Terry’s lies, like one that about his healthy diet, before walking away once he starts talking about how he played for the New York Yankees.

The hilarious video became a hit on social media and ended up getting more than nine million views since being posted.