Real Food By Dad’s Matt Robinson is Taking Instagram by Storm with His Family Recipes


Preparing food for your whole family is truly an art form, and Matt Robinson mastered it to perfection. The mastermind behind the food blog Real Food by Dad became a true sensation on Instagram after he started sharing his healthy and delicious family recipes with the world.

Robinson’s Instagram page attracted around 60,000 followers over the years, and it’s especially popular with fellow parents trying to cook up nutritious dishes for their little ones. He knows exactly what this feels like because he’s raising three hungry boys, one meal at a time, and his blog Real Food by Dad offers a behind-the-scenes view inside his kitchen.

“Come what may (school, sports, homework), dinner together is an everyday goal. Matt keeps it easy, simple enough to please the picky eaters at the table, hearty, and just plain delicious – a food philosophy he applies to every meal of the day, every snack, every dessert,” explains Robinson on his blog.

To make the whole thing even better, Robinson isn’t the only talented cook and food blogger in his family. His wife Naomi found equally impressive success with her own food blog Bakers Royale and even published her own cookbook. One thing that the couple’s blogs have in common is their love for simple recipes made with accessible ingredients, that all busy parents can enjoy.