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Why It Is Important To Be Both A Mom And Friend At The Same Time

Most parents don't know exactly what to expect when entering parenthood. Specifically, mothers sometimes don't know how to behave towards their daughters in many cases. Mothers face what may seem like a difficult decision- "should I just be a mother, provider, and authority figure or should I be my daughter's friend?". There are pros and cons to each of these scenarios and they will be discussed below. However, it is important to note that not all mother-daughter relationships are the same and not all situations call for the same parenting style. Here are the differences between being an authoritarian parent and a friend- like a parent.

Here is Why You Should Consider Surrogacy

Nowadays, more and more couples choose surrogacy over a traditional pregnancy. To those who have never thought of it as an alternative possibility, we would like to explain why some couple actually does it.

All Soon-To-Be Dads Need to Read This Now

We often hear about the effects of a childbirth on a woman’s body, but what exactly happens to a man’s physique when he becomes a parent?

Things To Avoid Before Bed That Will Help You Sleep

No one ever says, “Wow, I am so happy that I am sleep deprived!”. Really, getting a sufficient amount of sleep every night or on most nights is vital to living a healthy lifestyle full of mental clarity and physical health. People who don’t get a sufficient amount of sleep often experience weight gain, excessive irritation, and slower work performance. In order to avoid the negative effects of sleep deprivation, here are a few tips to avoid doing before bedtime that will hopefully result in a better night’s sleep.

5 Ways to Find Low-Cost Family Activities

You are a parent, you want to spend quality time with your family and enjoy some outdoor activity but everything seems to be too expensive for your pockets. And as a good parent, you're scared that your not so great financial situation might steal joy from your kids’ childhood. So what would you do? Do not worry, we are here to help you with 5 useful tips.

3 Bad Habits Parents Should Avoid Doing In Front Of Their Kids

Children are extremely impressionable. Especially when they are young, your kids will most likely look up to you for every little thing. Your actions will become their guidelines and because of this, it is extremely important as a parent to know what habits you should not engage in when you are in front of your children.

This Is How You Say “No” To Your Child (The Correct Way)

Being a parent can be stressful especially when it comes to discipline your child. You do your best to teach your little sprout “no” but the sad faces give you heart aches every time you try to teach them right from wrong. We’re not here to tell you are doing everything wrong, but did you know that the way you are saying “no” to your child makes all the difference?

Consider this When Volunteering for Your Kids Events

Many parents just love the thought of getting involved with many aspects of their child's lives. One of the easiest ways to do this is to volunteer for your children's events. Whether it be school field trips, parent-sponsored parties, or soccer tournaments, it is easy for parents to get involved in almost any event of their child.

Rachel Designed T-Shirts To Help Her Deal With The Loss Of Her Two Precious Babies

The loss of a child is devastating, but the loss of two new-born children, one after the other is quite frankly, unbearable. For 30-year-old Rachel George and her 31-year-old husband, Sam from Danville, IL this was their tragic reality. They lost their two young babies within less than two years of each other, due to undetected heart conditions. Rather than dwell on her grief, Rachel shared everything on Instagram including the miscarriage she suffered before the births. Although the couple has given up on having their own biological children, they are hoping that within two years they will be able to adopt an American baby.

How Cuddling Can Help Sick Babies

Since there is a growing opioid epidemic in the country, more babies are addicted to drugs now than ever. The use of opioids during pregnancy can cause babies to be born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome which is a drug withdrawal disorder. The rate of babies going through these withdrawals has increased “nearly fivefold” over the past decade, according to a 2016 report.

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