Jennifer Lopez Reveals That Her Kids Struggle With Having Famous Parents

Jennifer Lopez is currently busy promoting her new movie The Mother, and she used the promo tour to open up about her own parenting experience. She revealed that her twins struggle with having famous parents, adding she wishes she do more to protect them from all the attention coming their way.

Lopez discussed the strain her fame put on her twins Emme and Max during a recent roundtable talk with Audacy. She revealed they often feel judged by their peers for having famous parents and she wishes she could do more to help them navigate this challenge.

“I think being the child of famous parents is really not something many people can understand and I feel for [my kids] for that because they didn’t choose that… I did that to them. So we have this guilt as moms about what we do and what we’ve brought into their lives,” she explained.

Lopez has two children – twins Emme and Max – from her marriage with ex-husband Marc Anthony. While discussing their upbringing with Audacy, the singer also said she’d like to protect them from other universal challenges, such as heartbreak and disappointment, but she believes it’s more important to inspire them to find their own power and strength so they can protect themselves.