Best Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Good Handwashing Habits

Clean hands are healthy hands because they can help us prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Kids sometimes have a complicated relationship with handwashing, but you can encourage them to develop better habits.

Proper Technique

Make sure to explain the importance of handwashing to your kids as early as possible and teach them the proper technique. Show them how to wash their hands effectively with warm water and soap, for at least 20 seconds.

Make it Fun

You should also put an effort into making handwashing more fun so they wouldn’t see it as another boring chore. Count or sing a song while your little one washes their hands, throw in cute soaps and towels to the mix, or considered tying handwashing to other fun activities.

Perfect Timing

Some parents go as far as to set reminders for their children to wash their hands, but teaching them when they should do it should be enough. Emphasize the importance of handwashing before and after meals, after playing outside, after using the toilet, etc.

Lead By Example

Kids are like little sponges and they often embrace good habits by simply observing you. If you want them to wash their hands regularly, make sure that you’re doing the same because they’ll likely follow your lead.