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The One Thing Every Parent Should Always Carry Around With Them

Dig around your backpack, purse, or briefcase until you can feel the bottom… Well, for many people, before you actually hit the bottom of your bag, your hands will graze a plethora of books, makeup, papers, wrappers, pens, and a ton of other very random objects that sometimes, let’s be honest, you forgot that you have had.

Your Kid Should Have A Job

A lot of families grow up struggling to make ends meet. Typically within these families, the children are expected to get jobs as soon as they are eligible to apply anywhere in order to assist with the family’s overall income. While these kids may see this as a disadvantage at the time that hinders their social life or after-school activities, having a job when you are younger is actually extremely beneficial for many reasons.

How You Can Plan Ahead For Your Post-Pregnancy Body

Having a baby is obviously a tremendous physical act. Every muscle in your body, and several others you never knew you had will be put to the test in the ultimate act of physical endurance. Some mothers might have a quick birth that’s over in a matter of hours, but for many, it really is a marathon. Working hard in advance to get your body prepped can help with the work that comes afterward - the post-baby body.

Small Safety Precautions Every Parent Should Take

Being a parent brings small daily doses of anxiety. When you consider all the risks your kids face daily, the best way to face them is by taking precautions. Here are some small bits of advice to help you face the biggest dangers for your children.

5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Reading

Even if your child doesn’t seem enthusiastic about books. Don’t despair. Some kids need a bit of a push in the right direction to realize how magical books can be. Whether you're encouraging a little one to love reading from the start or have a kiddo who isn't totally convinced that reading is for them just yet, there are a bunch of easy ways to help get them excited to read.

Why Scandinavians Put Their Babies Out in the Cold?

How many times have you worried about your baby being wrapped up warm enough before a trip outside? And how many times have you denied your child some fresh air because you felt it was too cold?

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