Baby Bottle Dilemma: Which Material Should You Choose?

The list of things you need to buy for your baby is pretty much endless and a baby bottle is somewhere on top. You’ll most likely be overwhelmed by options once you start looking for a baby bottle and it all starts with choosing the right material.


Plastic bottles are lightweight and they most likely won’t break when dropped, but their pros end there. Newer models may be BPA-free, but plastic bottles aren’t especially durable and you might have to replace yours due to scratches, cracks, and bad odor.


Silicone bottles are a great alternative to plastic bottles because they’re flexible, lightweight, and BPA-free and it’s pretty much impossible to break them.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bottles aren’t that popular because they’re pretty expensive when compared to alternatives and don’t look that kid friendly. They have their upsides, and they’re probably the most durable model on the market.


Glass baby bottles are one of the most popular options on the market because they’re BPA-free and durable, but they tend to be heavy and easily breakable. If you decide to buy one for your toddler, make sure it comes with a silicone sleeve to protect it from breakage because it’s pretty much useless without it.