What to Do if Your Baby Has an Accident in Public

Out of all the crazily uncomfortable things you experience as a new parent, one of the most uncomfortable is when your baby has a big accident in public. If you’re a first time parent and you don’t particularly love social situations, this negative feeling can be amplified even further. Here are some tips that’ll help you deal with this if it happens when you least expect it.

Take a Deep Breath

Before doing anything, you need to make sure you’re in a positive and proper headspace. In order to do that, you need to take a solid deep breath, releasing all stress and worry from that moment. If done correctly, you’ll care less about all the people around you who you thought were watching you closely.

Scan for Resources

Now it’s time to take a quick scan around your current area. Are there any places where you’ll be able to change your child? It may be a public bathroom that has a changing table, it may be your car if it has a table, or anything else for that matter. But as long as you know this place exists, you can rest assured knowing you have a spot to change your baby.

Be Prepared

This is more of a preparation tip, rather than something you’ll deal with afterward. Plain and simple, don’t go anywhere with your baby without taking a diaper bag with you. This bag should include diapers, wipes, a mat to change them on, and a change of clothes. As long as you’ve got those things, and have a place to do it, there’s no reason you can’t get yourself into a calm state and change your child.