Why It’s Important For Your Kids To Spend Time With Cousins

Every family is different, and that goes for peoples’ family trees as well. We didn’t all grow up with a massive set of endless cousins, and we didn’t all grow us as only children. But while family dynamics are vastly diverse across the spectrum, there are still some recommended beliefs that can positively impact your children’s lives. One of those beliefs is that they should spend plenty of time with their cousins, and here’s why.

A Bridge Toward Society

If parents and siblings are a child’s first introduction to relationships, their cousins are a step right after that. In fact, cousins are probably an even better “test case” for your children because they’re generally not living in the same house as your children, meaning they’re not so different from random people your kid will meet in the real world.

Loving Bonds

In addition, if your children spend a lot of time with their cousins, they’ll likely form loving bonds that’ll last a lifetime. It’s kind of like having extra siblings, and in some cases unique best friends, especially when two cousins are of the same age. Even if you and your sibling aren’t the closest, your respective children will benefit from connecting to one another.