Viral Video Shows Dad Passing Out as His Wife is About to Give Birth


Most dads believe that they will have no problem being alongside their wives as they give birth. But once they step into the delivery room, they realize nothing prepared them for what they are about to see. The entire process ends up being too much for some of them, and it can result in some funny situations, as a recent viral TikTok video shows.

TikToker Corianne Johnson went into labor back in April, and her husband Cody insisted that he would be there with her in the delivery room. But as soon as Corianne was about to get her epidural shot, Cody flat out passed out.

Corianne managed to capture the entire thing on video, which received close to 13 million views since being posted back in May. The clip shows Cody crumpled on the floor while a nurse is placing a wet gaze on his forehead.

Corianne later shared more details about the clip with TODAY, revealing that Cody is actually afraid of needles.

“I knew he was going to pass out. I regret not betting money on it!” Corianne said. “He can’t handle needles. He didn’t even see the needle go into my back — he just saw the needle, and that was it. He went down.”

However, Cody managed to get back on his feet in time to help his wife with the pushing and see her deliver their daughter Navy to the world.

So there you have it, dads. Expect the unexpected when you enter the delivery room but don’t get discouraged—it is a moment that you don’t want to miss for the world.