Toddler Melts the Hearts of Internet Users with Her Curiosity and Persistence

Photo via TikTok/@natrex12

Kids are naturally curious, wanting to learn more about the world that surrounds them. Their curiosity extends to even the most basic things and every time we witness it, it is the most adorable thing ever. Recently, one curious and surprisingly persistent toddler managed to melt the hearts of internet users.

Back in April, TikTok user Natasha Rexing shared a video that shows her daughter Imi sitting on the floor and being fascinated with a hole in her mom’s pants.

“There’s a hole,” Imi tells Rexing, who acknowledges that there is in fact a hole on her pants.

“What happened?” the little girl asks to which Rexing that she “doesn’t know.”

But the fact that her mom doesn’t know what happened didn’t stop Imi. She went on to repeat the same question a dozen times, each time keeping the same puzzled look on her face.

“I guess I need new pants … we will be discussing all night,” Rexing wrote in the caption of the video that was viewed more than two million times.


I guess i need new pants…we will be discussing all night #toddlersoftiktok

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It is safe to say that internet users not only thought Imi was adorable but were also impressed with the way she didn’t want to let go of the thing that interested her.

“she has a strong future as an interrogator. she just knows you’ll eventually break and tell her what happened,” one TikTok user commented.

“Mom, she knows there is more to the story. She is trying to break you. She knows you’re not telling the “hole” story,” another added.