The Focused Homemaker is Helping Parents Keep Their House in Order


Your “to-do” list is pretty much endless once you become a parent, and keeping your house in order seems like a mission impossible. Regina Grace is here to help you out by sharing useful tips about homemaking and family life on her Instagram page The Focused Homemaker.

Grace started her Instagram page in early 2022, but it didn’t take it long to become a viral sensation. She made quite a splash with her informational graphics, that offer tips on homemaking, family life, cooking, DIY, and everything in between.

Grace described herself as a serial hustler passionate about digital marketing and content creation, who turned to this career after the stress of being a forex trader got to her.

“I originally planned to stop forex trading for only a year. But after writing and creating content for The Focused Homemaker on Instagram, I fell in love with it. So now I’ve started monetizing it by promoting my Amazon affiliate store, where I create curated products,” she explained on her Medium page.

People from all walks of life can find something useful on Grace’s Instagram, but you’ll appreciate it even more if you’re a busy parent. She’ll guide you on a journey to building a safe and comfortable home for your little ones, filled with love and light.