Parents Share Funny Questions Their Kids Asked After Leaving Home to Attend College


It is always hard for parents to see their kids head off to college. They realize that their little babies have all grown up and are ready to take on the world themselves. Okay, the last part might not be entirely true.

Even after leaving their home to attend college, kids still depend on their parents, and we are not talking just about money. They also turn to them when their life presents them with a situation they haven’t encountered before.

TikTok user The Leighton Show recently posted a series of videos in which parents shared all sorts of unusual questions their college kids asked them. And they are comedy gold.

For example, one parent shared that their kid sent them a text message to ask for their shoe size.

Another college kid asked their parent how to take the clothes out of the washing machine.


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The Leighton Show managed to put together several video compilations of these funny questions, and each is better than the next one. One college freshman wanted to know “if Italian was a language”, while one mom received a call from her college daughter who wanted to know how she makes pancakes round.

So, don’t feel too bad about your kids leaving for college. As you can see from these videos, they might live away from home, but they still need their parents. 


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