Mom-of-Two Shares Packing Hack That Will Change Your Life


Packing for a family vacation can feel like a nightmare, and it always feels good to come across packing hacks that make this chore bearable. Mom-of-two Jade O’Neal went viral on TikTok after sharing a genius hack that shows her using shoe organizers to pack her baby’s clothes.

At the very start of the 29-second-long clip, O’Neal proclaimed this “hack is about to change your life” if you’re traveling with a baby. She proceeded to fold several different outfits and pack them in different pockets of over-the-door shoe organizers, adding she managed to pack three rows of outfits, one row of swimsuits, and one row of pajamas while leaving some room for the extras on the bottom.

“This folds up right in your suitcase, when you get to your destination you can just hang it on a door in your hotel room, and then everything is super accessible, ready to go, and you don’t have to dig around in a suitcase your entire vacation,” said O’Neal.

@jade.oneal The best baby travel hack if you’re traveling with a baby or kids 🙌 I bought a 2 pack of these over the door organizers off Amazon. I will pack my 4 year old’s outfits the same way for quick grab and go outfit and beach options on vacation. This really helps to not dig in a suitcase the whole trip and have everything ready to go. And as a bonus anyone can grab an outfit and help them get ready to go! Definitely try it for your next trip or vacation with your family. #travelingwithbabies #travelingwithkids #packinghack #momtipsandstricks #vacationwithkids #momtip #momhack #babytraveltips #babytravelmusthaves #babytravelhacks ♬ original sound – jade | mom + lifestyle

Other TikTok creatures were quick to jump on this trend, including Stephanie Joplin, who garnered over seven million views, after sharing her own take on this trend. She used one organizer to pack two toddlers for a six-day trip and described this hack is a “game-changer” because it allows you to pack all your kid’s outfits and keep them neat and organized.

@betterwithchardonnay Viral kids packing hack #parentinghack #parentingwin #packingkids #suitcasepackingtips ♬ original sound – Stephanie – Midsize Style