Mom Couldn’t Find a Toy That Looks Like Her Son, So Fisher-Price Made One


Most kids want toys that look like their superheroes or their favorite cartoon characters. But one 5-year-old from Mississippi named Archer “Archie” just wanted to have a toy that looked like him. The only problem was that his adoptive mom Niki Coffman couldn’t find one.

Coffman searched far and wide to find a toy that represented Archie with his red hair and brown skin, but her efforts were in vain. The only toy maker that came close was Fisher-Price with its diverse toy series, The Little People.

This prompted Coffman to write an email to Fisher-Price and thank them for their efforts in making all kids represented. She also added a P.S. note that said: “If you ever decided to design a Little Person with brown skin and red hair, please let us know.”

To her surprise, Fisher-Price’s Vice President of Design, Gary Weber, wrote back and thanked her for the support. He concluded the mail by asking for the family’s address.

Then in late May, Coffman received a package from Fisher-Price. Inside was a note from The Little People team and a toy that looked just like Archie. Coffman couldn’t believe her eyes, and neither could Archie.

“He snatched the box out of my hands…whipped around and shouted, ‘It’s me! It’s me!’ He showed everyone. He didn’t put (the toy) down all day,” Coffman shared in a chat with Today.

Coffman also shared that Archie’s toy became a huge hit among the Fisher-Price employees and that all of them got one for themselves.

This amazing story definitely shows that there are companies who genuinely care about their customers, and we couldn’t be happier about it.