Mom and Dad Say They “Fight” in Front of Their Kids, They Explain Why


Most parents tend to keep their arguments away from their children, wanting to protect them. But one couple is taking a different approach, saying that they “fight” in front of their kids and believe this will end up being beneficial for them.

TikTok user Nika Diwa recently uploaded a video on social media titled: “Why we fight in front of our kids.” In the clip, Diwa and her husband are having a respectful argument with their kid present throughout the discussion.

“It’s important for kids to learn how to navigate HEALTHY conflict,” the TikToker writes in the video.

According to Diwa, she and her husband let their kids “watch mom and dad disagree respectfully and work towards unity and resolution.” According to her, being there helps “set them up for healthy conflict resolution as they grow up.”


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It turned out that a lot of internet users agreed with this unconventional approach.

“Man I wish my parents did this. Shows healthy communication and respect even if not agreeing,” one user wrote.

However, there were also those who believed that kids should never witness arguments between their parents.

“Do not fight in front of your kids. Yes! they are meant to think things are perfect, they are meant to only see love and adoration for each other,” another user commented.

It is important to note that many experts believe that arguing in front of your kids can be beneficial for them. However, that can only be the case if the argument remains respectful, doesn’t include raising voices, and ends up in a peaceful way.