Benefits Comic Books Can Provide Your Kid

Getting kids to read is hard nowadays, considering all the distractions can be more appealing to them, like video games and television. However, you might have better luck with comic books. They are more interesting to kids due to their stories and drawings while also providing them with the benefits below.

The First Step Towards Book Reading

Comic books can open the world of book reading to your kid. Through comic books, kids can develop reading habits at a young age and will be more open to picking up traditional books in the future.

Rewarding and Build Confidence

It takes a lot of time to finish a traditional book, especially for younger kids. Comic books are usually a shorter read that can be finished in one sitting. Finishing a comic book will come with a rewarding feel for the kid and help them build confidence when it comes to their reading skills.

Improve Vocabulary

Comic books often get a bad rap for what is perceived as simplistic dialog. But the truth is that those dialogs contain an expansive vocabulary that your kid can adopt. Additionally, the drawing will help them understand new words better.

They’re Fun!

Comic books are simply fun. They contain all sorts of intriguing stories, often set in the fantasy or sci-fi world, which are quite appealing to young kids. Also, the illustrations in the comic books are top-notch and fuel your kid’s imagination.