Pros of Getting a Wagon Instead of a Double Stroller

Parents with two kids will often instinctively get a double stroller to take them on adventures and allow them to meet the world that surrounds them. However, some parents are intrigued with an alternative; getting a wagon.

There are several pros that come with opting for a wagon instead of a double stroller. Check them out below.

They Are Suitable for Various Ages

Wagons are suitable for almost all ages. They have attachments for babies while also being fit for toddlers and older kids.

They Offer Much More Space

Wagons will allow you to carry a lot more things with you than the double stroller. You can carry both your and baby’s stuff while also fitting in plenty of toys.

They Feel Less Limiting for Kids

 When riding inside of wagon, kids won’t feel as limited as they do in the stroller. The large space also allows them to play, move around a bit, and get a better view of the surroundings.

They Handle Rough Terrain Better

Wagons are sturdy, making them better for rough terrain. Taking your kids to nature will be a much easier affair.

They Take Less Space and Are More Versatile

Most wagons can be folded flat, making them easier to store or fit inside a car. They are also a lot more versatile and can be used in various ways, even when your kids outgrow them.