Emmy Rossum Explains How Pregnancy Impacted Her Role in “The Crowded Room”

Emmy Rossum was cast to play Tom Holland’s mom in The Crowded Room despite being just 10 years older than him, but it all makes sense in the grand scheme of things. Shameless actress easily slid into this role – especially after finding out she’s pregnant while filming the Apple TV+ drama last year.

Rossum welcomed her first child with the filmmaker Sam Esmail back in April, but she actually found out she was expecting while working on The Crowded Room. This turned out to be a transformative experience, which largely impacted her performance.

“Finding out during our last couple episodes that I was pregnant with my son, who was born 8 weeks ago, it brings up a lot about our imperfections as people, the unrealistic expectations that we place on ourselves, and how we are really just a product of our own upbringings,” she told Entrainment Tonight.

Many TV lovers were puzzled after hearing that Rossum was cast as Tom Holland’s mom in The Crowded Room, considering that he’s just ten years her junior. She addressed the controversy while talking with ET and said that the age gap makes total sense since her character is a super young mom, who was still almost a child when she got pregnant at 16.