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How To Raise Boys Who’ll Treat Women With Respect

Lots of parents are struggling to raise their sons in today’s society. More and more reports of sexual misconduct get filed and the hashtag #MeToo is more popular than ever.

Doctors Told This Mum To Give Up On Her Disabled Baby, She Got Him Into Harvard

This is a heartbreaking story of a mum who truly believed in her child despite what everyone said. Her whole life she fought and did everything to make her child happy and successful. For all the mum out there, the mum of this story is a real role model for everyone.

Interesting Hobbies That Your Kids Should Try

Parents often look for educational or skill-building activities that they could sign their children up for in order to make them well rounded. Sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, or gymnastics are popular choices for parents who value athleticism. Music lessons for instruments such as the flute, guitar, or piano are popular options for parents who value musical ability. And while all of these activities are definitely positive influences and contribute to the character development of your children, there is some outside of the box opportunities to get your children involved in as well that will benefit them in the long run.

Take a Parenting Pause

Parenting has more quick turns than any other relation. You have the happy moments, the anxious moments, the memorable times and the times you just want to forget. Whatever might be the experience, our responsibilities as a good parent do not change. No parent is perfect in carrying out the responsibilities, but all of us strive to be good.

The Friendship Rule Every Kid Should Be Taught

Friendships are crucial for kids and their development, however, they might not come naturally to all kids. At a young age, friendships are formed between people who develop genuine connections with one another.

Things that Every Parent Does When They’re Alone With Their Kid

We all do some of these crazy things when we are alone with our babies, so we just wanted to let you know that it’s normal.

Three Exciting Family Activities For Any Age

In a world filled with technology and television, it is often hard to find a family activity that is stimulating enough for your children to enjoy. With young kids, it can be hard to top Netflix’s newest show or the latest iPhone app with quality family bonding time.

The 4 Moms You Meet At School Meetings

When it comes to the first day of school, regardless of the year, there is always a vast array of mothers displaying these easily recognizable traits. So just in case you are a little out of the loop and missed the opportunity to see them in action in the school parking lot this year - we’ve compiled a little list.

How Sesame Street is Helping Kids Deal with Traumatic Events

There are always new advances being made in the world of medicine and in the way in which people are treated. Children need to be treated with a bit more delicately than adults. One of the new techniques that have proven to be successful with the treating of children who have had a traumatic experience is by using Sesame Street.

Hanging Out With Your Mom Could Help Her Live Longer

Inviting Grandma over for dinner may actually extend her life — and increase its quality — a new study shows.

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