What it Could Mean if Your Baby Isn’t Sleeping

If your baby is having trouble getting through the night, there are numerous reasons this could be the case. However, if they’ve already mastered getting a full 12 hours of sleep, and out of the blue they have a night where they simply refuse to sleep longer than an hour, there could be something more nefarious going on. There’s a good chance that your baby might be sick, and here are two possible sicknesses that are common with sleepless nights.

Ear Infection

One of the most common sicknesses associated with a baby struggling to sleep at night are ear infections. They’re simply unable to find their rhythm, and you as a parent can tell that it’s extremely unlike them. Take a good look at what your baby is doing while they’re in pain. Are they touching their ears? If so, there’s a good chance they may have an ear infection, and you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Parasitic Worms

It may be a very uncomfortable topic to discuss, but that doesn’t change the reality of the situation. Parasitic worms are another major reason why your baby may be having trouble sleeping at night. It can be hard to figure out if they have them or not, but not impossible to crack. You’ll eventually need to investigate the situation yourself and banish these terrible worms from the vicinity.