Best Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Spring Cleaning

Most parents don’t look forward to spring cleaning, but you can enjoy it a little bit more by having your whole family involved. Giving your kids spring cleaning chores is a good idea, especially since most of the mess in your house is probably theirs, and these tips will help you get them involved.

Be Realistic

Spring cleaning can be quite challenging, and your expectations of your kids shouldn’t be too high. Pick chores that match their age, and don’t expect them to stay engaged for too long because they’ll lose focus after an hour or two.

Game, Not a Punishment

Spring cleaning isn’t easy, but you shouldn’t make it seem like a punishment. Your kids will be more willing to help and do a good job if you turn it into a game, so pump up some music, make cleaning into a contest, and consider rewarding them with a fun family activity once you’re done.

Be Specific

Spring cleaning requires good organizational skills, even when you’re an adult, and your kids will most likely struggle with this part. That’s why it’s a good idea to be very specific when giving them chores and even consider making a list so they can keep track of their progress to stay motivated.