3 Pinterest Parenting Trends That You Should Know About in 2023

2023 is bringing many trends our way and some of them will make you see parenting in a whole new light. Several parenting trends made it to Pinterest’s forecast for the new year and here are three that you should know about.

Beyond Blue and Pink

According to Pinterest’s research, Gen Z and Millennials are approaching gender norms differently as they try to bring up the new generation. Unis-x names are experiencing a huge rise, but parents from Pinterest are also searching for personal pronouns flashcards and gender flags as they try to educate their kids about gender diversity and self-expression.

Pool Pawties

If you consider yourself a dog parent, this trend will be your cup of tea. As more pet owners try to pamper their four-legged companions, Pinterest’s data shows that they’re substituting child-oriented gatherings with pet parties, with a special focus on pool parties for dogs.

The Fourth Trimester

If you’re a new mom struggling to adjust after giving a baby, this is the only parenting trend that you should know about. People on Pinterest are trying to help new moms meet their postnatal needs, searching for such terms as postnatal hampers, must-haves, and essentials, in addition to new parent presents and meals.