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This Is How To Get Your Kids To Eat A Healthy Meal

We all know that kids love candy and junk food but as soon as they see something green on their plates, their little mouths seem to lock up. This is why many parents struggle to feed their kids something that is actually healthy and nutritious for them.

Zendaya’s Mom is Mom Goals

We know it is often hard to remember that stars have parents just like we do, and even harder to remember that these parents often miss their kids. Famous actress and singer, Zendaya’s mom is no exception.

Lake Tahoe Is The Perfect Family Vacation Spot

Looking for a fun new vacation spot to swim in the warm blue beaches in the summer but ski the action packed mountains in the winter? Lake Tahoe is just the place for you.

Enjoying the Time Spent with Your Kids

We may not know how to slow down time, but we do know how to make the time we do have you’re your kids more enjoyable for everyone involved. Here are our top tips.

Raise Your Child To Be Happy By These 7 Secret Tips

Make your child feel connected and you will be sure their well being is promoted by your emotional connection. Never forget other family members, friends, neighbors, daycare providers, even pets. Connecting your child to their world will fill them with happiness - a feeling of being loved, understood, wanted, acknowledged — emerged as by far the biggest protector against emotional distress, suicidal thoughts, and risky behaviors including smoking, drinking, and using drugs.

How Different Colors Can Influence Your Babys Mood

Anyone who has taken a simple art or psychology class at some point in their life has probably learned that colors can have a most definite effect on one's mood. Typically, people recognize that red indicates passion, anger, sex, and love. Blue indicated peace, sadness, and calmness, depending on the hue. Green represents envy, nature, and knowledge.

The Latest Trend is Wearing Your Mom’s Prom Dress

The whole trend started with a teen named Ally Johnson who decided to wear her mom's dress at her prom. She looked fabulous just like her mom at the time of the prom. 

The Best Ways to Support Your Child in College

Many college students struggle with the transition from living at home with their families, to the college, dorm life setting. It isn’t just about getting used to eating in the dining halls, rather than eating a home cooked meal, or figuring out how to use industrial sized washing machines. Rather, most of these students are not prepared for the psychological experience of living away from home for the first amount of extended time in their life. Starting at a new school and having to meet new friends is hard, and getting used to being independent out of the blue is even harder. Your child will have to focus on doing well academically, while also balancing a social life and time for self care. While you can support your child from the comfort of your own home when they are at college, the reality is that you will not always be there for them when they might need you. It will be hard for your child to get used to this change, but it will also be hard for you because as a parent, you want to be there to support your child through everything.

These Easy Activities Help To Improve Your Toddler’s Physical Development

Toddlers can be a handful and as a devoted parent you have come up with a plethora of different games and activities to entertain your little one. Your mission is probably accomplished when you see your kids are having fun and at the same time wearing themselves out, so you can have those much-needed couples of hours to yourself while they take a nap.

Advice From A Teen: Tips To Help Your College Freshman With Homesickness

It’s a new year, new school, new room, and new environment. You’re not used to your surroundings and odds are you barely know anyone. The one place you wish you could be is at home with your parents or laying in your own bed. But home is too far away. Odds are you are homesick. Most people go through homesickness and deal with it in different ways. Here are a few tips to help relieve some of the sadness you’re feeling:

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