Best Ways to Teach Your Toddler About Animals

Animals are all around us, and toddlers are naturally curious when they see one. Parents should encourage this curiosity in order to help their toddlers learn more about the world and be less scared of animals. Here are the best ways to teach your toddler about animals.

Point and Tell

If you are walking with your toddler in the park or on the street and you see some animal, make sure they notice it. Allow them time to really observe the animal and then tell them something about them.

Show Pictures and Videos

Another great way to teach your toddler about animals is to show them pictures and videos of various animals. While they are watching, give them some basic facts and interesting bits.

Take Them to the Zoo

After your toddler gets familiar with the way animals look through pictures and videos, then they are ready for a visit to the zoo. This way, they can see them in person and realize they really exist.

Visit the Farm

A visit to the farm might be one of the most important steps in teaching your toddler about animals. Considering that farm animals are accustomed to people, it is safe for the toddler to interact with them.