Essentials Your Kid Needs for Rainy Days

Many children love the rain and find splashing through puddles lots of fun. Get them prepared for the rainy days so that they can focus on having fun, rather than on their wet feet. Here are three essentials that your kid will need this fall and winter.

Waterproof Shoes

There is nothing worse than having to squelch around in wet socks all day. Make sure your child has a pair of waterproof boots or shoes that fit them well and are comfortable to walk in. If they are boots, this can make puddle splashing a little easier as the water is less likely to run down and wet their feet.

Good Coat

Many children resist wearing coats, and they are also one of the items most likely to get lost at school. As with all of your child’s clothing that is getting taken to school, make sure their coat is clearly labeled with their name. You will want to buy one that is definitely waterproof, but that doesn’t cost loads of money, as your child will grow out of it soon (and it may still get lost, despite being labeled). Let them pick the color and pattern—if they like the coat they are more likely to wear it.

Waterproof Trousers

For those really wet days, a pair of pull-over waterproof trousers is a good idea. This will allow your child to run around outside without getting drenched through to their skin, and if you do seek shelter in a cafe or shop, the trousers are easy to slip off so they feel more comfortable. Get them to wear a pair of soft leggings or similar underneath, so the trousers will fit easily over this underlayer.