Easy Halloween Decorations to Get the Spooky Vibe Started

Halloween increasingly gets as much attention as Christmas in the holiday calendar, with kids in particular enjoying this season of spooky delights. If you’re already getting requests to decorate your house (but don’t feel like paying for fake cobwebs and skeletons), check out these easy DIY decorations that the kids can help you with.

Pipe Cleaner Spider Webs

Buy a pack of dark-colored pipe cleaners, form a hexagonal shape with them, and then interweave the pipe cleaners to create a web effect. Use a piece of dark string to hang these in windows, when a few are combined it can be really effective, especially if you also make a fake spider out of a pom pom with some googly eyes attached!

Haunted Home

Go to a thrift store or fabric shop and buy some strips of net or lace. Dip the bottom of the fabric in red food dye, letting a little drip down the fabric. Allow it to dry, and then hang the strips in a window. It definitely gives off a creepy, spooky vibe!

Card Tricks

Draw some classic Halloween shapes – bats, pumpkins, ghosts, or anything else ghoulish that you fancy! Let your kids cut out the shapes using scissors, and then hang these from the ceiling or in a window.