The Lowdown on Forest Schools

Education is hugely important for children and teenagers. When children are young they need to learn some basic knowledge and skills in order to manage well throughout their life. There are so many different forms of education, from standard state or private schools to more alternative methods. One of these alternatives is a forest school, so here is some information about this approach to education. 

What is a Forest School?

The idea of forest schools began in Scandinavia and refers to a certain ethos and philosophy regarding educating children. Despite its name, it doesn’t have to be based in a forest to qualify as a forest school. Instead, the focus is on encouraging holistic and independent learning and growth in a natural setting. The idea is that allowing children to explore and take risks with support and guidance enables confidence and self-esteem to grow. 

How Does it Work?

The focus is on regular, long-term sessions to enable observation and adaptation to ensure the children are getting the most out of it. They are based in a natural setting to encourage a strong bond between the kids and the natural world. These sessions are run by forest school practitioners, for which you have to train to be qualified. These sessions cost a fee which may be dependent on the specific program and the area, so it’s best to check this out.