3 Ways to Help Your Kid Learn a Second Language

It’s a well-known fact that children pick up new languages faster than adults, due to the plasticity of their brains helping them to recall grammatical structures and new vocabulary. However, even if your kid is sure to pick up a new language faster than you, there are still tips and techniques you can use with them to further support their language learning. Check out these simple ways to develop their language skills and increase their confidence in using a second language.

Listen in the Car

If you’re taking your child on a car journey, make sure you have a kid-friendly podcast or CD to play in their second language. Whether it’s simple rhymes that they can sing along with, or a basic lesson on grammar, listening regularly will support their retention and develop their enthusiasm for learning a new language. When you’re listening in the car together, you can also pick them up on any pronunciation issues or misunderstandings.

Use an App Together

Using a language learning app such as Duolingo together can be a great way to turn language learning into a fun game. Challenge each other to see who can score the most points, or collaborate on a lesson so that your language learning feels like teamwork. These apps will also monitor your language learning streak, and this can be another big motivator for kids to keep learning.

Visit a Country that Speaks the Language

If possible, book a trip to a country or area where the language your child is learning is widely spoken. This can be a hugely exciting motivator for your child to persevere with their learning, and it will also be a fun and cultural trip that you can enjoy as a whole family.