Ways to Make the Morning School Rush Less Stressful

School mornings can feel like an impossible mission. Trying to get your kids ready and out the door, while preparing yourself for your own day, should be recognized as an Olympic sport. But it shouldn’t have to be this intense, and here are some ideas to help it run a little smoother.

Prepare All Meals the Night Before

Lots of parents are in the habit of making lunches the night before. But preparing breakfast in advance is also a great idea. Overnight oats are healthy and can be grabbed straight from the fridge, saving time and avoiding arguments about who’s having what for breakfast.

Prepare All Outfits the Night Before

Making sure every aspect of your kids’ outfits for the day is laid out for them will be a lifesaver in the morning. There will be no frantically searching for matching socks or a clean T-shirt. 

Pack Bags the Night Before

Making sure they have all their school essentials will be so much simpler with this hack. You can go through the checklist calmly the night before, and leave it all by the door ready to grab and go when the time comes.