How to Help Your Kid Deal with Patch Therapy

Patch therapy is used for various eye conditions that can affect kids, with amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, being the most prominent. While eye patching is a highly efficient and simple way of curing amblyopia, the therapy itself can be quite uncomfortable for kids. If your little one needs to undergo patch therapy, here are some tips that you as a parent can use to help them out.

Create a Routine

Kids feel comfortable in a routine. Figure out the schedule for eye patching that best works for your kid and stick to it. You will encounter some resistance early on, but as time goes by, they will get used to it, and wearing an eye patch will become a habit for them.

Opt for High-Quality Patches

Your kid will have to wear an eye patch every day for several months, if not even more. This is why you should make sure to opt for high-quality patches that don’t come off easily and are comfortable, so your kid’s skin doesn’t feel irritated, and they don’t get the urge to rip it off.

Pick Out Patches with Fun Designs

Patches come adorned with all sorts of different colors and designs. Get ones that feature your kid’s favorite cartoon characters or things they like. This will make the whole process a bit more fun for them, and they won’t feel so self-conscious about wearing an eye patch.

Apply Reward System

Finally, you shouldn’t shy away from applying a reward system to encourage your kid to go through patch therapy. Set various milestones and promise them video games and activities they like or desserts they enjoy if they keep wearing an eye patch for a predetermined amount of time. This way, they will be more inclined to stick with it and disregard the negatives.