This Mom Created a Summer Routine for Her Kids, You Will Want to Try it as Well


It is quite hard to get your kids to stay on track during the summer. They can be either all over the place or not in the mood to do anything at all. This is why one mom’s summer routine hack seems so appealing.

A while back, TikTok user @mrsblinks shared a clip in which she described how she managed to make the summer more entertaining for her kids and less stressful for herself.

The TikToker created a summer routine chart that consisted of “To Do” and “Done” columns. The “To Do” column was filled with all sorts of tasks like “brush teeth,” “make bed,” “read for – minutes,” and “eat breakfast.” After fulfilling one of the tasks from the “To Do” list, the kid moves it to the “Done” list using cute little stickers.

According to @mrsblinks, the idea is that her kids fulfill all tasks from the “To Do” list and get a reward for it. The reward can be anything from spending more time on their device to getting a trip to the park or beach.

Check out @mrsblinks’ cool video below and maybe get inspired to do something similar for your kids.