How to Explain the Importance of Hand-Washing to Kids

Let’s face it, hand-washing isn’t always at the top of a kid’s list of favorite activities. But those tiny hands come into contact with a surprising amount of germs throughout the day, from the playground to their favorite stuffed animal. So, how do we turn hand-washing into a habit our kids will actually embrace? Here are some tips.

Superhero Soap vs. Germy Goo

Turn hand-washing into a battle between good and evil! Imagine soap as a superhero with the power to defeat germy goo lurking on their hands. Encourage them to create a special hand-washing “attack cry” as they lather up.

Sing a Squeaky Clean Song: Distraction is Key!  

Create a catchy song together specifically for hand-washing. Aim for 20 seconds, which is the recommended time for effective germ-busting. You can even time yourselves with a kitchen timer and turn it into a friendly competition.

Colorful Creations: Let Their Creativity Flow!  

Provide them with washable paints or markers and let them decorate their soap dispensers. This personalizes the hand-washing station and makes it feel more like “their” space.

Foaming Fun

Sensory play can make a big difference. Opt for foaming hand soap – the eruption of bubbles adds a playful element that can entice even the most reluctant hand-washer.