Mom Shows How to Make a DIY Taylor Swift Doll For Your Kid

Celebrity dolls can be pretty expensive these days, and not all parents can afford to buy one for their kids. But, one mom showed that with just a bit of effort, you can give your kid a doll they will like without breaking the bank.

TikTok user Jillian Rundell recently shared a video on her profile documenting her project of making a DIY doll of music superstar Taylor Swift.

Rundell bought an inexpensive Ariel ILY Disney doll from Target and proceeded to give it a “Taylor Swift” makeover. She painted the doll’s lips in bright red to match Swift’s signature red lipstick, gave it a multi-color nail polish treatment, fitted it with some friendship bracelets, and styled its hair to match the singer’s hairdo.

The TikToker also bought a miniature acoustic guitar from Dollar Tree and painted it pink to match the guitar Swift has been using on stage during her Eras Tour.


In my crafty era… Making a DIY Taylor Swift doll for my Little Swiftie! I’m still planning to decorate the box, but I used the Ariel ILY Disney doll from Target and a plastic guitar from Dollar Tree! #taylorswift #taylorsversion #fyp #erastour #taylorswiftchristmas #taylorswiftadvent #taylorswiftdoll #littleswifties #swiftiechristmas

♬ Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince – Taylor Swift

Other TikTok users have praised Rundell in the comments section, with more than a few deciding to use the video as an inspiration for a similar project. 

“Oh, my goodness. My biggest Swiftie has been trying to figure out what to get the mini Swiftie for Christmas. I think this is it,” @m.dlt7 wrote.

“Thank gosh this came up on my fyp. My daughter asked for a TS doll from Santa and I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do,” @catwagner13 added.