Mom Shares a Super Helpful Tip for Parents Searching for Their Kid in a Public Place

Parents’ worst nightmare is losing sight of their kids when in a public place. No matter how cautious you are, these things can happen. Your child might simply wander off when something catches their attention without you even noticing.

Looking to help parents if they ever find themselves in such a situation, TikToker Jess Martini shared a super helpful tip in a video posted on her profile. The hack can help you locate your kid a lot faster compared to other methods of search.

According to Martini, the most important thing is to be loud in your search. Instead of looking for your kid “silently”, you should notify everyone in your surroundings. The best way to do it, according to her, is to yell out basic info about your kid while looking for them. This includes basic description, the clothes they are wearing, and their name.

“Shout out loud and clear. Say they’re missing, give a description, and repeat, repeat, repeat!” she explains.

By doing so, everyone around will join in the search and, in the best-case scenario, find your kind and bring them to you. In the worst-case scenario, if someone tried to take away your child, the chances are that they will let him go due to all the attention.

“PSA that I feel can save kids and I’ve used- if your child goes missing in public,” Martini says in the caption of the video.

Check out the video in full below.


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