Key Things to Remember When Your Baby Starts Crawling 

Having a new baby is a constant learning experience filled with surprises and challenges. A super significant moment in a baby’s development is when they start to crawl. As wonderful and exciting as this time is, it’s also understandably nerve-wracking as it presents many more chances for complications. Here are some helpful points to remember. 

Always Keep an Eye on Them

As mentioned, a baby’s development can be full of surprises. It may seem that they can’t travel that far so you are okay to leave them for a moment. But babies can suddenly have a burst of energy and determination, so it’s important to be vigilant and stay near to them once they start wriggling about. 

Encourage their Movements

While it is scary, you should try not to restrict these movements if possible. This is such a significant experience for them, and you don’t want to be sending mixed messages by trying to stop them from moving too much. Just make sure to watch them to ensure they don’t put themselves in harm’s way.

Enjoy It

It will feel like no time at all between them starting to crawl and then being able to walk. Really appreciate the special moments of watching them learn how to use their body and share in the exciting experience with them.