How to Navigate Teenage Tantrums

The teenage years are hard, both for the teenagers themselves and for the people around them. With so many physiological and hormonal changes and the intensity of school and peer relationships, this can all boil up and lead to major explosions. Here are some tips for how to navigate these challenging times. 

Be Understanding

Think back to when you were a teenager and how hard everything felt. It might seem like they are being unreasonable, but being young is hard, and communicating this is even harder. 

Give Them Space

You will most likely want to talk to them about their feelings and try to resolve the issues between you. While this is admirable, your teenager probably won’t agree. Give them some space and time, and give them the chance to approach things their own way. 

Set Boundaries

While the above is important, you do need to make sure you are looking out for yourself too. If things get too much, then try to talk to them when you’re both feeling quite calm. Just explain that while you want to help and support them, it isn’t fair for them to treat you so badly all the time.