How to Navigate Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

Is your little one clinging to you tighter than that old top from your teenage years? Welcome to the world of separation anxiety—where every goodbye feels like the end of the world (well, for them). It can often feel impossible to overcome, but with a few handy tips, you’ll be able to make real progress.

Create a Routine

Establish a consistent routine to provide your child with a sense of security and predictability. Knowing what to expect when it’s time to part ways can help ease their anxiety.

Do Some Prep Work

Talk to your child about where you’re going and reassure them that you’ll be back soon. Planting seeds of trust in their minds can help them feel more confident about your departure.

Keep Goodbyes Quick

Avoid lingering when saying goodbye. A quick and low-key exit minimizes the drama and helps your child adjust to your absence more smoothly.

Bribery Isn’t Always Bad

Consider the occasional bribery. Offering a small token or special treat for being brave can provide positive reinforcement and motivate your child to handle separations more easily.

Practice Makes Perfect

Introduce your child to short separations first, and gradually increase the duration over time. Practice and repetition will help them become more comfortable with the idea of being apart.