The Best Birthday Gifts for New Moms

The birthday celebration of a new mom calls for gifts that acknowledge her strength (and recognize her exhaustion). If a new mom around you is about to celebrate her B-day, this curated selection of thoughtful presents is here to help you prepare for the occasion.

Spa Day Gift Certificate

Treat the new mom in your life to a day of relaxation and pampering with a spa day gift certificate. From massages and facials to complimentary wine and snacks, she’ll get that well-deserved “me time” away from the demands of motherhood.

Subscription to a Meditation App

Help her find moments of calm amidst the chaos with a subscription to a meditation app. With guided practices right at her fingertips, she can easily carve out moments to recharge throughout the day.

Customized Jewelry

If she’s less into experiences and more into concrete objects she can touch (and wear), a personalized piece of jewelry is a great option. It can be a necklace with her baby’s initials, or something entirely non-baby-related like a bracelet with a meaningful message engraved.

At the end of the day, new moms are just people – but they’re people with very specific (and often draining) lifestyles. By adapting your birthday gift to their unique needs, you’ll be able to make them feel appreciated, loved, and hopefully a little more relaxed.