How to Make Your Family Zoo Trip More Fun

The zoo is a place filled with fascinating creatures, exciting exploration, and…endless questions from curious little minds. While it can be a fantastic family outing, sometimes those long walks and seemingly endless rows of cages can leave everyone feeling a little worn out. Here are some creative ideas to upgrade your next zoo trip.

Plan a Mini-Adventure

Turn your zoo visit into a treasure hunt! Create a list of specific animals to find together, or hide small plastic animal figures throughout the exhibits for the kids to discover (remember to collect them afterward). This adds an element of excitement and keeps everyone engaged.

Become Junior Zookeepers

Many zoos offer educational programs or talks throughout the day. Look for ones geared towards children, where they can learn fascinating facts about specific animals, witness feeding demonstrations, or even interact with some gentle creatures.

The Power of Play

Pack some sidewalk chalk! Before each animal enclosure, challenge your kids to draw what they predict they’ll see. This is a fun way to spark their imaginations and encourage observation skills. 

Pack a Picnic With a Punch

Skip the overpriced concessions and pack a delicious picnic lunch. Find a shady spot with a view and enjoy a relaxing family meal surrounded by nature.