How to Incorporate More Vegetables Into Your Cooking Without Your Child Knowing

Everyone knows how healthy vegetables are, but it can be a real struggle trying to get your kids to eat more of them. Here are three ways to incorporate vegetables into your cooking without your child knowing.

Mix Them Into Foods They Like

The idea with this tip is to blend your vegetables into a puree or cut them up so finely that your kids don’t even notice them. An example that works well would be to finely chop some mushrooms and cook them in a dish that your kids do like such as lasagna or gravy.

Buy Vegetable Snack Bars

Lots of kids enjoy snack bars with peanuts or chocolate in them. You can now buy snack bars made from vegetables such as sweetcorn, beetroot, and red peppers that count as one of your kids’ five-a-day but are not noticeably made from vegetables.

Put Vegetables in Smoothies

If your children are fans of smoothies, why not boost their health by adding kale or spinach to them? If you experiment with the ratios, your kids won’t even notice the difference, but the nutritional benefit will be considerable.