How to Discuss Divorce With Your Young Kids

Facing divorce is an incredibly difficult, emotionally complex process. But other than being difficult on the partners, it can also be traumatic for kids (especially if they’re young). Here’s how to have the talk with your little ones with as little drama as possible.

Pick the Right Time and Place

Find a quiet spot where you can chat with no distractions. Timing is key—aim for a calm moment when both you and your kids have the emotional space for a challenging conversation.

Keep it Simple

Use words they can understand. Skip the complex stuff and focus on the basics. And most importantly: Let them know it’s not their fault and that you both still love them heaps.

Be Real and Reassuring

Keep things honest but leave out the drama, or in other words: Let your little ones know what’s up without freaking them out. Remind them they’ll still have two parents who’ll look out for them no matter what.

Let Them Feel What They Feel

It’s more than OK to be emotional. Give your children space to ask questions and share how they’re feeling. Tell them it’s natural and human to be sad, mad, or whatever else comes up.

Keep the Family Vibes Strong

Even with changes, try your best to keep things steady for your young humans. Explain to them that some things might be different, but plenty of things will still stay the same.