How to Celebrate Holidays with Separated Parents

It’s an incredibly difficult situation when the relationship between two parents ends. Of course, the experience for each parent is challenging, but for the children involved it can be a very strange and hard time. While there are many everyday issues to work out, another area that needs to be navigated is holidays and celebrations. Here are some different ideas and options to help you think about what may work best for your family. 

Split the Day in Half

This option can work well if each parent lives fairly near to each other. The kids could spend the first half of the day with one parent and then spend the second half with the other. This does split the day up but ensures that both parents are equally involved in the celebration day itself. 

Have Two Celebration Days

This can be easier to arrange and less hassle and could work if each parent lives a little distance from each other. It can also be nice to spread out the holiday over more than one day and give each parent a whole day with the kids. 

Spend the Day Together

This can work if the parents are on good terms with each other, and can be a lovely way to have some time as a family despite the relationship ending. However, it’s important to ensure there is no confusion for the kids about spending time with both parents again.