How Can You Prioritize Family Meal Times?

We all know that eating together as a family is important, but how often does this happen in your household? And even if you do eat together, are you all present in the moment, or are you worrying about clearing up after the meal, checking your phone or your day at work tomorrow? Eating together is a great way to bond and spend quality time, so here are three simple tips on how to prioritize your family meal times.

Phone Free Zone

Set a clear rule of no phones at the table. If you have teenagers, you may face some confrontation over this, but after a few days, even your teens will agree that it makes meal times more meaningful, interesting, and engaging if everyone is joining in with conversations rather than staring at TikTok.

Share the Load

Make sure that the load of preparing, cooking, and clearing a meal are being shared as much as possible. While no one is going to expect your toddler to start loading the dishwasher, as soon as your kids are old enough to help out, make sure they’re lending a hand. Otherwise, if the burden of cooking always falls on one person, this individual may start to find meal times more of a chore than a pleasure.

Listen and Connect

Try to ensure that the dinner table isn’t a space where people talk over each other and interrupt. If your child is telling you about their day, focus all of your attention on them and respond to their statements. Equally, if your partner tells a funny anecdote about their day, engage with them. After all, the dinner table is the place where families are meant to enjoy each other’s company, so make sure your table is sociable and welcoming.