Grace Mortimer is Rocking Our World With Her Budget-Friendly Family Recipes


Spending hours in the kitchen isn’t an option when you have young children, and Grace Mortimer learned this lesson the hard way after becoming a mom. She decided to embrace the beauty of quick and easy recipes and transformed her Instagram page My First Meals into a true sensation.

Mortimer was always a huge fan of cooking, but her approach completely changed once she became a mom. Making complicated meals wasn’t an option after she gave birth to her son Harry, and he didn’t seem to enjoy them anyway, so she decided to keep things as simple as possible.

“I was sort of tearing my hair out crying on the stairs thinking I love food, I love cooking and I just can’t get him to eat anything. So I thought I just had to cut it all back and go back to basics and choose really simple food that takes five minutes so that if he doesn’t eat it then I’m not devastated,” she told The Sun.

In addition to attracting almost 300,000 Instagram followers, Mortimer also published a cookbook My First Meal, which includes over 100 delicious recipes for such dishes as bean waffles, Florentine pizza, and raspberry muffins. Most of her recipes are made with five ingredients or less and they’re as beginner-friendly as it gets.