Best Ways to Help Your Kids Declutter Their Toy Collection

Organizing your kids’ toys can be a daunting task, especially if their collection is so cluttered that you’re not sure where to start. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the number of toys in your room without creating tension, here are a few useful tips that will get you there.

Discard Broken Toys

Not all the toys in your children’s collection will stand the test of time. Some of them will end up broken, with missing pieces and torn-out fabric, and it’s time to throw them away when that moment comes.

One In, One Out

The “one in, one out” rule can help you prevent the accumulation of too many toys. Every time you buy a new toy for your kid, encourage them to give away one of their old toys to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Donations and Sales

Speaking of giving old toys away, this is the most practical and noble way to deal with clutter. Consider selling gently used toys that your child has outgrown or lost interest in or donate them to local charities, shelters, or schools.

Buy Fewer Toys

Decluttering your kids’ toy collection won’t be necessary if they don’t have too many toys to begin with. Buy fewer toys to avoid clutter and ask family members for more practical, non-toy-related presents.