Do You Really Need to Throw a First Birthday Party?

When it comes to milestones in your child’s life, there are few that come close to their first birthday. The momentous occasion in which they’re now a year old can be truly groundbreaking for you, your spouse, and of course your child—and oftentimes this makes you want to throw a party for them. But is a birthday party really necessary? After all, they don’t really know what’s going on, do they? Let’s discuss whether or not you should do it.

It’s More for You

The truth is that this birthday party, while it’s mainly about your child, is more for you than it is for them. It’s a beautiful celebration of your child and all of the context that goes with it. This includes the birth that you (if you’re the biological mother) went through to bring them into this world. It also includes a nostalgic recollection of everything that you and your baby have gone through over the last year.

They’ll See Pictures Later

Having this birthday will also mean a lot to them down the line. When they’re older, they’ll be able to see pictures of themselves at their first birthday party, and this will mean more to them than you might realize. It will show them that they always meant a lot to you, even when they were a little baby.