Best Choline Supplements To Help Your Baby’s Development During Pregnancy

Despite being an essential ingredient in pregnancy, choline is often overlooked. This is strange given that choline plays a crucial role in developing your baby’s brain and spinal cord. Here are some of the best choline-enriched supplements that you can take during your pregnancy that will help to facilitate your baby’s development.

Ritual Natal Choline

Containing 550 milligrams of choline, this supplement is specially designed to support your baby’s cognitive function. Third-party tested for heavy metals and microbes, Ritual Natal Choline is both vegan and gluten-free while free of any artificial colorings and flavorings.

GNC Choline

With its 250 milligrams of choline bitartrate, GNC Choline provides about 45% DV of choline during pregnancy. Free of any preservatives and artificial colorings, this choline supplement is also effective for post-workout support, meaning that you can derive benefit from it even after giving birth.

Needed. Prenatal Choline

Tested for heavy metals, microbes, pesticides, herbicides, and allergens, Needed. Prenatal Choline is a safe choice that will not affect the health of your pregnancy. What’s particularly great about Needed. is that it offers monthly subscriptions that will lower the price you pay per bottle over the long term.