Best Diaper Change Hacks for New Parents

Changing diapers is something that all parents eventually get good at. When you change hundreds upon hundreds of diapers, you eventually discover the best and fastest way of doing that.

However, if you are a new parent who is facing diaper changing for the first time, you will definitely benefit from some simple hacks. Check them out below.

Pay Attention to Line Indicator

Depending on the brand, most diapers have a blue or yellow line on the back or front. These lines change color once the diaper gets wet. So, anytime you see this, go ahead and change the diaper.

Place a Baby Wipe on Your Baby’s Belly 

Placing a baby wipe on your baby’s belly, or even simply just swiping across it, will encourage them to finish their release and save you the mess of a blowout or spraying once you open the diaper.

Opt for Onesies

You might be tempted to dress your baby in fashionable and cute clothes, but know that this will make diaper changing a lot harder due to all the buttons, zippers, and clips. Instead, opt for onesies, especially during nighttime. They are easy to put on and off, allowing you more convenient access to diapers.

Place a Clean Diaper Under a Dirty One Beforehand

Placing a clean diaper under a dirty one will save you a lot of time. Also, it will prevent a mess in case of accidental leaking.