Are Your Kids Getting Enough of These Key Nutrients?

Everyone knows how hard it can be to ensure that kids are eating a healthy, balanced diet. Whilst no one is saying that kids should always be eating up their greens and asking for second helpings of carrots and peas, there are some nutrients that are really essential when we’re growing. Check out these foods which will ensure that children get a good mix of vitamins and minerals in their diet.


It’s well known that calcium helps to protect bones and make them grow stronger. Help your kids keep up their intake of this important nutrient by making sure they are consuming milk (either through drinking it or in cereal), cheese, yogurt, tofu, and leafy green vegetables.

Vitamin D

Essential in building up a strong immune system (and helping to keep those pesky coughs and colds at bay), vitamin D is usually absorbed through exposure to sunlight. If you’re living in the northern hemisphere, between October and April it is hard to come by adequate supplies of vitamin D naturally. Look for bread or cereals that are fortified with vitamin D, serve eggs and mushrooms, or consider a daily supplement to maintain healthy levels.


Iron is really important in maintaining a healthy immune system, but also in helping your kids feel energized and generally healthy. Serve up red meat, eggs, fish, and leafy green vegetables, and cook using a cast iron pan as this will impart some iron into the food.